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Tuesday, July 8

Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath... still

From CNN
BILOXI, Mississippi (CNN) -- Prisons in Mississippi got coffee makers, pillowcases and dinnerware -- all intended for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The state's Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks took more coffee makers, cleaning supplies and other items.

Plastic containers ended up with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration.

Colleges, volunteer fire departments and other agencies received even more.

But the Mississippi hurricane victims who originally were intended to receive the supplies got nothing, a CNN investigation has found.

As for Louisiana:
(CNN) -- Some of the $85 million in hurricane relief supplies given away as federal surplus will be sent back to Louisiana and given to nonprofit agencies for distribution, the state's hurricane recovery office said Tuesday.

"Today we can report that we have been notified that some of the surplus property has been located in Texas and will be coming to the state of Louisiana for distribution by Unity New Orleans," said Paul Rainwater, the executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

A CNN investigation revealed last week that FEMA gave away the supplies as government surplus, even though agencies like Unity -- which works to resettle hurricane victims -- were still seeking the kind of supplies given away. continued
Heckuva job.... and you know someone got rich from this travesty. People in hurricane torn areas still need these supplies. It's just an outrage that after almost 3 years people are not getting what they need. You'd think we live in a 3rd world country. But then when you look at the giant hole that was the WTC (and I was just there looking at it last weekend shaking my head) and see how nothing gets done after an emergency around here, it's really no surprise.

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