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Sunday, July 13

Huckabee may be insane

But then again a lot of people are when they talk about politics. Huckabee while making an insane correlation in the following quote on Hannity and Colmes does have a point about some Democratic politicians in that they don't stick to their convictions (if they have any):
Well, Americans have consistently rejected the George McGoverns and the Michael Dukakises, the people who clearly and unapologetically are out there on the left — the Walter Mondales who said, I’m going to raise your taxes.

So when liberals are honest about being liberals, they get beat. I think it’s a situation — you know, you had the little clip of Jesse Helms at the opening of the show, and I’m thinking, what a contrast. The thing that many of us loved and admired about Jesse Helms was that, here was a guy, he didn’t care what you thought about his view, but you were going to always know where he stood because he stood for something and he stood clearly.

I think we’re not seeing that in Barack Obama especially in relationship — to his position on the war.
Huckabee contradicted himself in the first place: If liberals stick to their convictions they get beat, but on the other hand Jesse Helms stuck to his and was a winner. But Jesse Helms was a liar and a bigot and a hateful mofo. I don't think that the "liberals" who were beat were beat because they were liberals though. The right is very good at playing into people's fears.

The problem with a lot of liberal politicians is that they get caught up in their pandering to different groups and don't stick to their selling points no matter who they are addressing. If a politician is anti-war, then he should be anti-war no matter whom he is speaking to with no apologies. There is enough proof out there that the war was a failure to back up that position and it should be duly noted. Obama is refining his position on the war which does not mean he's flakey even though Huckabee thinks this is a moral failing. If bush had refined his position, we may not be in the mess we are in and I'd probably have an iota of admiration for the man.

Americans can take the truth about the war. Well they should take the truth whether they like it or not. There's no need to try not to offend those who have family members in the service if you're a democrat who is against the war. You're actually doing them a favor and working to get their loved ones out of harms way (if you have a spine). If Americans are shocked that their sons and daughters are fighting in a quagmire that only benefits big oil, then they weren't paying attention in the first place and ought to be shocked awake. It's about time. Hey, I'm sorry, but I had to live with that information for 5 years and so should they. Don't you ever get tired of being informed when you're surrounded by ignoramuses? I do. It's very hard to stay upbeat and jovial when I have the urge to shake someone... and that is not my nature.

Holding up Jesse Helms as a model to which Obama should aspire is simply hilarious and at the same time cruelly outrageous. Helms was immoral and didn't give a hoot, but he was lauded because he stuck to his convictions even if they were hateful and bigoted. It's funny but I meet so many people who tell me that I have to give Bush credit for sticking to his convictions. Is that considered such a great virtue even when the person is 100% wrong, and even proven wrong? Maybe so in some circles. Not circles I care to hang out in. I've cut off perfectly good relatives over this. The rich ones don't want to contribute to society in the least, but complain when the roads are bumpy or someone gets it in a drive by shooting in a neighborhood with a low tax base. I mean, duh.

It's a good thing to stick to your convictions when you know that they service the society at large and it's okay to change your view when it's proven to be wrong. People should admire someone when they admit they were mistaken and come around to see the light. That's the problem that many conservatives have with so called liberals (not that there are more than a couple of them in the house or senate)- conservatives stick to their guns right or wrong and others are willing to change their opinions when it's proven that people can be hurt by current policies.

I'll take the flip-floppers any day when they turn to the light and stay there. Huckabee can certainly bite me. I still don't want to vote for Obama, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

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