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Thursday, July 3


Something I noticed about these McCain stories McCain campaign's new Karl Rove look and McCain is no maverick is that he is a bush/rove ass-kisser to the nth degree and will stop at nothing to change his position depending on where the party wind blows. The slimiest of the slimy campaign advisers are crawling out of the woodwork. But it's all a game to them. It's about winning an election and has nothing to do with the voters or the middle class which is being swept away at a faster and faster pace. These are not normal people we are dealing with who have what would be 'normal' emotions. I suspect we're dealing with sociopaths... well no, I'm pretty sure that they are sociopaths. McCain if he was even half a man would disavow the bushistas that slaughtered him in 2000. Interesting list of all his flip flops at McCain is no maverick

hat tip to oddjob

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