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Friday, July 11

Big Pharma and Ethics?

So I was reading this article New pharma ethics rules eliminate gifts and meals and thinking about my doctor's office where the drop dead gorgeous, ovulating sales reps from big pharma sit in the waiting room ready to take him out to lunch. I notice that he is a bit terse with them, but maybe that's for my benefit. Maybe not. (he hasn't killed me yet and I've been going there since 1992)

But mostly I was thinking about all the samples I use each month and how many millions of other patients get samples from their doctors who are wined and dined by these breathtaking young things bearing knicknacks with their company logos and company credit cards. How much money must be pissed away on such things by big pharma? Imagine how much less expensive our meds would be if the reps didn't buy lunch for all these doctors? I wonder if the sales reps work the same way in Canada where drugs are cheaper?

Needless to say, I challenge the doctor when he changes my samples or prescriptions and ask which chippy brought them, wondering how much my mental health is at risk for his. He honestly tells me that he wishes the stuff would go generic already. But I wonder.

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