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Monday, June 2

A Kick in the Vilsack

This had to hurt.

Vilsack says it's over.

Former Iowa Governor Tom "Stop Making Fun of My Name" Vilsack is one of Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters. Mr. Vilsack has called for Hillary to withdraw from the race, saying that it's "pretty clear" that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

And this the day after the Clinton campaign trumpeted the victory over Obama in Puerto Rico. Yep, 55 delegates (more than half the states in the US can muster up) and across every demographic on the island. Yes, it was a victory.

Doesn't really mean a thing for November though - sorry to burst your bubble like that.

You see, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, not a state - it can vote in primaries but not in the general election in November, for some strange reason.

With a withdrawal call coming from one of her closest and most enthusiastic supporters, the time is fast approaching when she will have to fish or cut bait. The last two primaries are Tuesday, and if the superdelegates move en masse to Obama, she's out. Period.

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