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Tuesday, June 3

Don't Let Your Teenagers Become Soldiers

Over at Ron Kovic (Born on the 4th of July) makes a case for our stopping military recruitment across the country.

It's no secret that I am totally against recruiting young people for military service because they are such easy targets for the military industrial complex due to the fact that young brains do not reach maturity until about 25 years, give or take a few years.

Imagine if you couldn't join the service until you were 21 or 25 years old? The war machine would have to come up with better reasons for leading our country into wars wouldn't it?

Recruiters would have to work a lot harder and actually come up with proof for their assertions because a more critical mind wouldn't take their crap at face value. Kovic discusses the trauma that young returning veterans go through and it's quite heartbreaking. Kind of makes you wonder what sort of parents allow their teenagers to make such a decision. (ok. uninformed parents do.) So in the meantime, rational minds must prevail.
"It is time to stop the war machine. It is time for bold and daring action on the part of us all. Precious lives are at stake, both American and Iraqi, and military recruiters must be confronted at every turn, in every high school, every campus, every recruiting office, on every street corner, in every town and city across America. In no uncertain terms we must make it clear to them that by their actions they represent a threat to our community, to our children and all that we cherish. We must explain to them that condemning our young men and women to their death, setting them up to be horribly maimed, and psychologically damaged in a senseless and immoral war, is wrong and unpatriotic and will not be tolerated by Berkeley -- or, for that matter, any town or city in the United States.

"The days of deceiving, manipulating and victimizing our young people are over. We have had enough, and I strongly encourage all of you to use every means of creative, nonviolent civil disobedience to stop military recruitment all across our country. I stand with you in this important and courageous fight, and I am confident your actions in the days ahead will inspire countless others across our country to do everything they can to end this deeply immoral and illegal war."
Back in '02 at college night at my son's HS I kind of made a loudish stand against military recruiters showing up at a night clearly for college recruiters. I think I also held up my fingers in the sign of the cross (like you would see in a vampire movie) at the recruiters. heh. I wrote some letters to the school administration admonishing them for that bad move on college night. It was a private school where I paid big bucks for tuition every month and I expected that the war machine wouldn't be present in a college prep school.

Before anyone slams me about the high cost of college, the local community college tuition is less than the HS tuition at that particular school, plus there are jobs to be had at the college as well. I believe that young people should continue their academics or job training skills until age 21 and not be given a militaristic choice until their reasonable brains kick in. Gosh, they are so easily manipulated at a young age.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong, but I don't really think so.

See also at Alternet, Chris Hedges gives a dramatic speech declaring that the US is on the verge of becoming a full blown corporate state. America's Democratic Collapse

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