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Saturday, May 3


Something a number of us have suspected for a while?
Not about the Kantor thing but the comment John makes is interesting.
From C&L: Irresponsible
"...Now the story has even been pulled off of Drudge and various other sites. My point is that I think there needs to be more responsibility taken by all parties right now on what’s happening as the battle continues for the nomination—including the blogosphere— because this story is so reminiscent of a typical right wing smear tactic. And I’m seeing more and more IP addresses on C&L coming from right wing corporations and organizations which makes me believe that there are a lot of phonies infiltrating our sites to stir it up, so to speak. I know we all have our picks for the presidency and emotions are running high with May 6th primary coming up, but maybe we could take a step back. I know I’ve had to. Jack Tapper says he didn’t post about the “N” word clip, but blames his own culpability on the fact that he is traveling and eating a chicken sandwich."

  • "Were I not currently eating a chicken sandwich at Liberty East Restaurant in Charlotte, NC, while working on a World News piece about the economy and the candidates, I would go to Blockbuster, rent a copy of The War Room and settle this matter as much as possible.

  • "As it is, all I can do is post this to explain why I took down the original blog entry, and re-post it with all the added context above. Not good enough, but the best I can do from Liberty East Restaurant."

It certainly is a coincidence that pro Republican comments here and all over left wing blogs seem shat from the same right wing noise machine. Talk about mindless puppets? The right wing commenters don't even have the individual thought process to come up with their own reponses. Why they don't start wearing black uniforms and black boots is still a mystery.
These "...people"... aren't even sheep. Mindless, boot-licking, pathological morons who think they'll be rewarded for their cooperation. But, like Tapper, instead of checking to see what was done to previous sympathizers, they sit and spew what's told to them by the right wing smear machine.

And to think people from the south and Appalachia and others have been stereotyped for so long for their ways while these pos Republican wannabes think they're part of the master race!

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