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Saturday, May 3

On the DC Madam Suicide

So I'm standing in the Market Basket check out line in Nashua, New Hampshire yesterday and everyone is talking about the DC Madam Suicide. My friend and I were agreeing that it sounded kind of fishy being that she had dirt on so many prominent politicians and businessmen, but then again, she was so devastated about having to go to jail that maybe she did commit suicide.

So this man comes up to us to explain how Vince Foster wasn't a suicide because he shot himself twice in the head... and then everyone in the line started laughing about Foster. Really. Then someone else jumped in to say "Look what the Kennedy's did to Marilyn Monroe." Then the conversation went back to Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton. Boy the Democrats really know how to kill a lot of people, don't they? Anyway, I remarked that Senator Clinton is probably behind the suicide in order to cover up for her husband and they absolutely agreed... and I was part of the in crowd. Expect to hear more like this.

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