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Thursday, May 29

NY Will Recognize Gay Marriages Performed Elsewhere

It's a start. I was wondering earlier if NY would do something about legalizing gay marriage in order to keep many businesses from relocating to California since gay marriage would be legal there. This is one way to do it until it becomes legal here too.

The appellate judges determined that there is no legal impediment in New York to the recognition of a same-sex marriage. The state Legislature "may decide to prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages solemnized abroad," the ruling said. "Until it does so, however, such marriages are entitled to recognition in New York."

Massachusetts is currently the only U.S. state that recognizes same-sex marriage, but its residency requirements would bar New Yorkers from marrying there.

New York residents could instead flock to California, where gay couples will be able to wed beginning June 17 — unless that state's Supreme Court decides to stay its own ruling. Upon their return home, in the eyes of the state, their unions would be no different from those of their heterosexual neighbors.

Gay couples could also travel outside the country to marry in Canada, for example.
Yay for equal rights.

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