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Thursday, May 1

News from around the world in pictures

UK: The Trouble with Mr. Bean.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has seen his initial popularity sink amid a series of gaffes. Now UK voters are set to punish the Mr. Bean of British politics in local elections -- and the knives are also being sharpened within Brown's Labour Party.

Iran hates Barbie.
Chic Tribune: "They're working on nukes, they're supporting deadly attacks against Americans in Iraq and our Israeli allies, and now, they insult our toys? This is madness."

'Green woman' offers equal rights at traffic lights

Municipalities will be allowed to choose whether they want to post
the sign with the woman or the man, or both.


A 3-year-old Red Wing boy has won first prize
in this year's Minnesota Mullet Contest,
and yes, there is such a thing.

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