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Wednesday, May 7

ICE raided Berkeley High School yesterday (maybe today?)

And they picked up a couple teens who work for the org I work for, last night from their home. Pissy neighbor tattled on the family, it looks like. The kids were released *this morning*.

Apparently, the teachers caught wind and told the students to leave if they're undocumented, to avoid being picked up. And students left and went directly home.

Everyone on Don Perata's list-serv got an email this morning:
I find yesterday's Immigration and Customs Enforcement presence at our schools reprehensible. The Bush Administration espouses the virtues of No Child Left Behind and yet they provide no funding. If the President wants to help our nation's children he should send funding - not federal agents to our schools.

It is clear that ICE raids jeopardize the stability of our communities and families. There should be an immediate freeze on ICE raids directed at school children while legislation aiming to fix immigration is considered.
Apparently this started yesterday when kids were pulled out of an elementary school in Oakland.

We're still trying to get details on the whole thing.

Okay, updates.
I found the following link dealing w/ raids yesterday in this region. My source is holding fast that the agents went on the campus of the high school, so I'll keep looking.

We had this happen last year over in San Rafael. Entire neighborhoods shut down, because the agents were out there literally waiting to play gotcha. Geez.

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