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Monday, May 5

Here Doggie, Doggie

Every week on Thursday, the Washington Post has an Extras insert for the various suburban areas. Mine is the Arlington-Alexandria Weekly. (I don't get the WaPo in print anymore, but I do read it on-line.) The Weekly section catches you up on the doings like local home sales, acts playing at the Birchmere, community services events, and (my fav) Animal Watch from the local animal shelters.

Last week, I found this little gem:

A Case of Mistaken Identity

EISENHOWER AVENUE, 4100 block, April 2. A couple brought a stray puppy to the shelter that they had been caring for that day. They said it was friendly and somewhat reserved. When the shelter staff saw the animal, they knew it was a young red fox, not a canine. The couple were surprised that they had found a wild animal. The fox was sent to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Friendly and somewhat reserved, eh? I wonder why.

Cute little thing though, ain't it?

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