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Tuesday, May 6

gas tax holiday is no holiday

According to, "The gas tax holiday proposed by Sens. John McCain and Hillary Clinton would save the typical Washington driver $28 this year but cost the state about $126 million in lost highway money and more than 4,300 highway-related jobs, according to a recent report."
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., is chairwoman of the Senate Transportation Appropriations subcommittee and has endorsed Clinton. She doesn't support a federal gas tax suspension.

"She has a firsthand look at what's going on with our transportation systems, our roads and our bridges, and from her perspective, this is bad idea," said her spokeswoman, Alex Glass.

There's no guarantee that the plan would result in lower gas prices, but it would deteriorate highway funding, Glass said.

"The gas tax funds the Highway Trust Fund, and there are a number of critical infrastructure needs -- roads and bridges across the country -- that need to be maintained and repaired," she said. "We just can't afford to have crumbling infrastructure."
Indeed. Saving the average driver $28 this year, is not sound economics. Save me $2,800 or forget about the crappy Republican economics. We've seen many times what happens with our crumbling infrastructure when they try to cut corners on everything except what really matters. feh.

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