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Monday, April 7

Write Letters to the MSM

Two articles from C&L:
Here's a wonderful example of our Family Values Party (the Republican in case some reading this don't know to which I refer).

Republican Offenders

and one maybe more important...

"The Importance of being MSM:"

Maybe it's time we started "Letters to the MSM" in addition to some of the fools on the hill. There are drives to notify sponsors of stories run in poor taste, let's not limit the letters or complaints to sponsors just about fluff or idiocy or wardrobe malfunctions. If Perkins can threaten the networks because of his beliefs, so can we. And threaten is the proper word.

We need to inform the sponsors of the nightly news, the cable (pretend) news, and advertisers in the major newspapers and more so in the smaller ones that we aren't going to accept their ads or buy their products unless and until the MSM stops the "Inside Edition", "Star" and National Enquirer" reporting and starts owning up to the responsibility they've been granted. They need to do more today than provide entertainment and commercials which are rarely interrupted by supposed NEWS
of events that directly affect our lives.

Katie and Brian and Charlie are supposed to be more than glorified newsreaders or verbal paparazzi. These highly paid, under educated shills for the current administration live in and are paid by the Conservative's Fantasy World, where their money comes from us. And what are we getting for money the advertisers leech from an apathetic public? News of the world? News of America? Real time information that lets us know what's really important in the world and not just in Republican Fantasyland? No, we're getting bedtime stories they think will make us sleep better. Shh! Trust Uncle Vanya and all will be just fine tomorrow.

The mouth drooling, jay-walking, imbecilic sheep have been told that everything has been really swell for so long, those ignorants think they really do live in Republican Fantasyland and Georgie-Boy and Deadeye and Greenspan, et al. are the White Knights that are protecting them.
The only way, short of armed rebellion to make the MSM change is to hit them where it hurts; in the wallet. The only way to do that is with a concerted Internet effort.

It's time to show the real power of the tubes. And we can show it. We need the major players to get behind this. Media matters, C&L, Kos, MoveOn...if everyone gets involved and sends letters, petitions and comments to ALL the MSM and promises no support to advertisers of what used to be real newscasts, things would change.
We need to set up email forwarding columns on blogs and sites. Columns that would send those emails to each sponsor of MSM News Advertisers. We've seen it done before by the fanatics on the other side. We don't need more bedtime stories by 21st Century pretty-boy Neville Chamberlains. We're paying for information, not entertainment. Let's start getting what we're paying for.
It's our turn now. Write the letters...or enjoy Fantasyland!

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