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Saturday, April 5

So Many Douchebags, So Little Time

putting a "blondesense" spin on the news

Another reason not to support the candidate who is running on the platform that he did terribly in the Naval Academy and ended up as a POW in Vietnam (like we need another 8 years of a royal fuck up):

What do you think of John McCain telling African-American voters "We can all be a little late sometimes in doing the right thing, and Dr. King understood this about his fellow Americans," after apologizing for voting against a MLK holiday in Arizona? (He voted against it in 1983 and voted for it in 1990) A little late, huh? If this is what made him a "maverick," it's no wonder wonder he also got a little heckled... and booed.

Speaking of racist GOP assholes and booing, John AssKKKroft was speaking at Skidmore College this week and confused the name of Barack Obama with guess who?
  • "All I'm saying about the Patriot Act," Ashcroft began, "is that the elected representatives of this country, including Osama ..."
He got a roaring boo.

And talking about a little, too late... I'm sure that this will really make for safe campuses (she wrote with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek):
"...12 states are considering legislation to allow guns on college campuses. Stephen Feltoon, a director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), is part of a movement that says college students should have the same gun ownership rights as others.
"Beginning on April 21, Feltoon says, 3,000 SCCC members have pledged to visit college campuses wearing an empty holster to indicate that, because of state or school policy, when they reach campus, they're obliged — for now — to leave their guns behind."
Good God in Heaven. Jesus Mary and Joseph. We have a country festering in fear. Are we proud, AmeriKKKa?
Gimme a list of those schools so I can recommend them to my son.

As. If.

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