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Tuesday, April 1

ooh. A new zogby poll

According to Think Progress:
Only 28 percent of Americans believe rebate checks will boost economy.... The poll also found that 68 percent of Americans “disagree with the idea of the federal government stepping in to help investment companies that are suffering because of their heavy investments in worthless mortgages.”
I was wondering if those 28 percenters are teh bush supporters?

Do any readers think that the rebate checks will help the economy? I don't. Maybe if employees of companies where teh CEO's are filthy rich got raises, the economy would be a bit better. I was reading in my local paper yesterday that middle class, working families are so strapped for cash that they are getting food from charitable food pantries for the first time in their lives. With no raises at work for years and years thanks to the cruel capitalism of our time and the runaway prices on everything, the rebate checks will probably just help people by pay the rent or the mortgage, or buy food, or gas or home heating fuel at some point. Pretty sad. If you knew what kind of property taxes we pay here on Long Island, you'd sh--. The rebate check wouldn't even cover a month's worth.

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