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Monday, April 7

No Fun At All

An elementary school in Reedsburg, Wisconsin decided to have a bit of fun by setting up what they called "Wacky Week." During this week, according to school officials, students could dress up in costume.

Bear in mind that, according to the officials, the kids thought this up.

According to the article in MSNBC, about 40% of the student body participated, with some dressing up as old people and others cross-dressing.


You can see what's coming up next.

The old adage that "a fundamentalist is someone who is convinced that someone somewhere is having fun - and is determined to stop it," a Christian radio station in the area began to ramp up a predictable amount of conservative outrage against the school, claiming that it was endorsing alternative lifestyles and transgenderism.

The principal denies it, but adds that his school won't do a Wacky Week activity again.

I look at it this way - if the students, the kids, in this elementary school decided that it'd be a hoot to dress up as their grandparents or to go the "Some Like It Hot" route, let them. Hell, it's no different than Halloween, where kids and even adults dress up -

Oh, wait. That's right. The Christian Taliban don't like ANYTHING that can be construed as fun.

Never mind.

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