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Monday, April 7

Naughty Naughty Husbands

I chuckled when I read this news flash at Yahoo from Captain Obvious: Husbands create 7 hours of extra housework a week: study
"And the situation gets worse for women when they have children..."
No shit, Sherlock. They needed to do a study for this? Ha!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and I went for a walk. After being sick with the flu for a week, it was great to get outdoors. I stopped to chit chat with a couple of neighbors who are trying to sell their house and move to Florida where they already own a home. (Did you know that Florida is where many New Yorkers go to die?) Turns out they are not taking their kids, 18, 20 and 23. I don't blame them. The wife was a stay home mom for 23 years and always told me that all she ever did was clean what with 3 boys and the husband. Now she'll only have 7 extra hours of cleaning. (Still too much I say.)

I was/am a part time stay at home mom for 23 years and part time housewife for over 30 years and I hardly ever clean anymore because it's such a thankless job and any neatness lasts until one of the guys comes home from work. Oh I just love whiskers in my sink.... and is it possible for men to actually aim when they pee? What the hell do guys do in there? What are they looking at when they are peeing? Shouldn't you see if you are aiming for the bowl?

Now I just clean the house when company is coming.

I'll be having some work done on the house for the very last time because I want to sell it before it turns to crap again.

I really don't care where the men move.

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