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Thursday, April 3

A Look Back at the Madness that led to the War on Iraq

In When a Great Power Goes Mad By Robert Parry, the author asks why the media went along with the war lies and still goes along with the war lies. He suggests that perhaps if the media were to actually report the truth, our leaders (including some journalists) would be regarded as war criminals.
"To accept that reality would, in turn, create a moral imperative to take action. And that would require a great disruption in the existing U.S. power structure, which hasn’t changed much since Bush won authorization from Congress in October 2002 to use force and then invaded Iraq in March 2003."
If you're thinking what I'm thinking, you might say, "so?" or "after 30 years of this bullshit, let's do some housecleaning no matter how much it hurts."

Parry also questions the media's motivation for pushing the war in Iraq and wonders what historians would make of this.
"In evaluating this corrupt political/media elite, a historian might want to go back even further and wonder how someone as eminently unqualified and unfit as George W. Bush became president of the most powerful nation on earth.

How did a technologically sophisticated country like the United States with a relatively free press get led down this dangerous path? Why did so many American voters in 2000 believe made-up stories about Al Gore’s supposed delusions, like the apocryphal quote, “I invented the Internet”?

Indeed, how did a seemingly endless supply of myths and half-truths take root in the American psyche?
See also Chaos and Consent: Working Towards the Fuhrer Laura Knight-Jadczyk after reading the above article writes
"The terrifying thing about this is that we have seen this before! After World War II, everyone was asking, "How could a civilized, modern nation such as Germany, descend into barbarism so rapidly, and so completely?" Well, of course, we know it wasn't instantaneous; an entire society doesn't go mad all at once, it takes time. It took some 25 years, from the end of WW I until the Nazi invasion of Poland to complete the process.

So, when did it begin in the U.S.?"

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