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Sunday, April 6

Just Another Bill to Help our Troops that Republicans Won't Support

Senator "There will be more wars" and "We may be in Iraq for 100 years" McCain refuses to co-sponsor the Sen. Jim Webb's Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2007 (you know, something like they had for WWII Veterans, but this time for those suckers who signed up to defend our country after we were attacked.) So much for supporting our troops, d-bag.

Today on This Week, Senator Lindsey Graham, another war hawk, ducked the question as to why he wouldn't co-sponsor a bill that would help GI's who fought a war that he heartily endorses, get a good education after fighting. But he said, “Sign me up to sit down with Jim [Webb]” to discuss the legislation. As. If.

Interestingly, this is a political thing for Republicans, you know, those guys who pretend to support the troops by saying that they support the troops. Jim Webb thinks that if McCain would support the bill that a few Republicans would jump on it. Oh for god's sake are we in high school or a super power at war with the rest of the world? weenies.

I mean really now... this is the kind of news that needs to be on network nightly news for all the country to see. So many Murkans are still ig'n'ant of the total lack of support for our troops by Republicans (except for what they say) and it would be a good thing for us to write letters and get the news media to jump on this tidbit.

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