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Wednesday, April 2

In Praise of the Lowest Common Denominator

Way back in the hoary mists of time (oh, all right, the 2000 election), George W. Bush was widely touted as a regular guy, a guy you'd want to share a beer with. Of course, we knew then and know now that it wouldn't have stopped at one beer, and would probably have graduated to nose candy by the time the party was over.

In the 2004 election, Bush touted his educational credentials as a 'C' student at Yale. I will not speak to his Harvard MBA, because that was likely purchased for him, in my opinion.

In this election, we see Senator John McCain making a tour of the country and talking up what a hellion he was in high school and seemingly proud of the fact that he finished in the bottom of his class at the US Naval Academy. McCain also was a member of the Century Club at Annapolis - reserved for those future leaders who scored 100 or more demerits during their four years.

What am I getting at?


For too long the political parties and our own inclinations as a country have fetched up candidates who either denigrate intellectualism and rational thought, or try to come across as your least-favorite neighbor Earl - the guy who repairs cars in front of his garage and swills beer like it was water.

My question is this: After eight years of the stupidity and the failed policies of a 'C' student who you'd like to have a beer with, isn't it time we had as a President a person who can fucking THINK for a change? Just for a change?

Is that too much to godsdamned ASK of this population?

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