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Monday, April 7

Florida Shines Once Again!

With apologies to Wanderer for jumping his home turf.

The Florida legislature is reconsidering its abstinence only sex education policy in light of a recent study showing some Florida teenagers believe you can prevent HIV by drinking a cap full of bleach. I believe that would also prevent you from living until your 18th birthday, but what do I know? The teens also think that a shot of Mountain Dew and that smoking pot will prevent pregnancy. Now, the latter I could see, because the teens would be so busy with the munchies they'd forget about having sex, but again, what do I know?

Alrighty, then . . .

Just because I can't resist, from the same news site:

Woman stabs husband over hot dog.

Mom drives getaway car for son.

Forget Kansas. What's the matter with Florida?

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