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Tuesday, April 8

A Bit Of Good News

Those cheap shit goods we import from the developing world are becoming more expensive because of rising energy prices and the lower value of the dollar against their own currencies. So, prices will be rising at WalMart and Target.

Good. Who needs all the crappy contaminated toys, food and drugs we get from China anyway? The sooner the country is weaned off of cheap imported Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. goods the better as far as I'm concerned. As prices for imports narrow against prices for goods produced in this country, perhaps the American consumer will realize that if they buy local products, they can put a few more people back to work. Which would create a bigger tax base. Which might get a few people off of the public assistance the Republicans in this country hate so much. Which would mean there would be more consumers with a few more dollars to spend on American made products. Which would put a few more of our fellow citizens back to work. And so on. Yeah, I "get it" that American made stuff might cost the consumer a couple of dollars more. For a lot of the geegaws and crap that's sold at WalMart and Target, I'm guessing the costs between Chinese made goods and American made goods would not be that great considering how low the national minimum wage is. Even if not, what the hell is wrong with saving for an extra month or two so you can get a product that wasn't made by hands that earn a dollar a day?

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