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Tuesday, April 1

Another thought.

Hi there! I’d like to talk to you a minute about…stupidity.

Fool 1: Well, if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, I’m voting for McLame!

Fool 2: Oh Yeah? Well if Obama is nominated, I’m voting for McLame!

Fool 1: You’ve got some nerve not supporting the Party.

Fool 2. Look who is calling the kettle black.

Fool 1: Oh yeah, well you’re just voting for Hillary cause Obama’s black.

Fool 2: And you’re just voting for Obama because Hillary is a woman!

No, I’m not. Yes, you are. No I’m not. Yes, you are. Anyone you can hate, I can hate better. I can hate anyone better than you.

No, you can’t. Yes, I can. No, you can’t. Yes, I can.

No you can’t. No you can’t. No you can’t.

For almost 8 years these two people have despised George Bush and the NeoCon controlled Republican Party for everything they’ve done to the people and the country. They stood side by side when Georgie-Boy trampled the constitution; when he lied us into a war for his oil buddies; and they stand side by side when he continues to lie to us every day, in every way.

These two people have blogged or written or spoken for years about the need to stop the absolute despotic morons now in power; the need for the people of this country to come together to rid America of this evil band of poltroons.

These two people have stood together through right wing smear campaigns; through mindless conservative talking-point trolls distorting liberal posts; through endless news distortions, one-sided conservative reporting and non-apologetic media misrepresentations.

But now these two people have become the end result of what the "uniter" and his wormtongue wanted all along; disagreement among friends. Because in their disagreement, they ignore the real problem. And why do they disagree? Not because either candidate wants to get rid of the vermin currently in the White House and from the right side of the aisle on the Hill (and some on the left); not because there’s such an overall sense of political malaise in the country; not even because the Bush/Cheney Republican Party represents all that is bad with America and the impression they've given the world of us.

No, they disagree because neither can admit that either of their candidates is preferable to anything the Republicans offer. Each stubbornly won’t concede to the other even if it means risking another 4 years of NeoCon/Bush policy. And that, my friends, is arrogant, self-important snobbery…and totally stupid!

We all want rid of the corruption now in office. If it takes one group of us to swallow our pride to eliminate the deceit and corruption in Washington, it must be done.

If the choice is Hillary, accept her. If it’s Obama, accept him. What we all can’t accept is John McLame. But save your derogatory comments for McLame, not Hillary or Obama. They'll only help the Republicans.

Continual talk of voting for any Republican over either Democrat would be suicidal for the Democratic Party. We can’t have that; for any reason. This dissension is just what the Republicans and even the press wants. There’s no other way to describe this divisiveness between Democrats other than stupid.

Support your candidate; sure. But when it’s time, when one is chosen, we must be united, regardless of which Democrat is selected. To spite yourself just because your candidate wasn’t chosen is total, abject, insane stupidity and if you choose to vote for a Republican over ANY Democrat, you deserve the next four years of concession, suppression, recession, and maybe even depression. You also forfeit any legitimate grounds to complain about how the country is run. And that would be, you guessed it; stupid.

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