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Thursday, April 3

Another 9/11 Conspiracy Comes to Light

There are a lot of readers who want more of these kinds of articles at this blog. This is for you. Commenter Wormwood  brought this one to my attention and it was also over at SOTT. And it's not to say that I don't read articles like the one below. I do. While I don't "believe" that 9/11 was an inside job, the events and how our government handled them are quite suspicious and perhaps more than a little too convenient. You decide. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Ted Olson's Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials
Olson’s Self-Contradictions
Olson began this process of undermining by means of self-contradictions. He first told CNN, as we have seen, that his wife had “called him twice on a cell phone.” But he contradicted this claim on September 14, telling Hannity and Colmes that she had reached him by calling the Department of Justice collect. Therefore, she must have been using the “airplane phone,” he surmised, because “she somehow didn’t have access to her credit cards.”4 However, this version of Olson’s story, besides contradicting his first version, was even self-contradictory, because a credit card is needed to activate a passenger-seat phone.

Later that same day, moreover, Olson told Larry King Live that the second call from his wife suddenly went dead because “the signals from cell phones coming from airplanes don’t work that well.”5 After that return to his first version, he finally settled on the second version, saying that his wife had called collect and hence must have used “the phone in the passengers’ seats” because she did not have her purse.6

By finally settling on this story, Olson avoided a technological pitfall. Given the cell phone system employed in 2001, high-altitude cell phone calls from airliners were impossible, or at least virtually so (Olson’s statement that “the signals from cell phones coming from airplanes don’t work that well” was a considerable understatement). The technology to enable cell phone calls from high-altitude airline flights was not created until 2004.7

However, Olson’s second story, besides being self-contradictory, was contradicted by American Airlines.

It was also contradicted by the Pentagon and the FBI. Hmm. Where is Barbara Olson? Some say that her plane actually flew over the Pentagon and out into the sea. Some say it's in Ohio. Or maybe she's in hiding? But why? Why would he make up this stuff?

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