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Friday, November 3

Hacking Democracy

I'm doing my post election coverage early. I invited Billydoom to come over to watch the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy with me this evening because I didn't want to watch it alone. It was terrifying- more terrifying to watch it than to keep reading about it for six freaking years and nothing being said in the media and nothing being done about it. If you ever thought for one minute that we were a free country, think again. Anyone who considered Bev Harris ( a conspiracy theorist ought to just STFU. It's all on video tape. We are all being fucked over.

It makes me want to cry that this has been so obvious for six years and here we are, like sheep being led to the slaughter. Why the hell are political operatives in charge of the most precious right of free people?

Things are starting to make sense now and no wonder bush and rove are so confident about the elections next week. It's in the bag. (If you watched the documentary and live in Volusia County, you know which bag your vote goes into.) God bless Bev Harris and the brave women (and one man) who fearlessly went out there and dug through garbage and dumpsters to reveal the proof that we are indeed under attack from within and we are losing.

So should I watch the movie Borat during or after the election results?
The picture is me 30 years ago on my wedding night, in case you were wondering. ;)

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