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Wednesday, November 2

Dems Rewrite The Book

They say a picture paints a thousand words. (Photo by Mark Wilson -- Getty Images) Let's take a look at this one.

Here we have Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid flanked by Senators Charles Schumer, left, and Richard Durbin, right. Note the halo formed around Reid's head by the capital ceiling; halos are normally reserved for His Chimpness. The photographer was literally on his knees shooting this picture.

You see here the holy trinity of newly spined Democrats. Sen Reid is holding his palms up to the heavens as if in thanks, while also signifying the size and shape of the recently formed Democratic cajones with his hands. The anger and frustration in his face mimics the expression that Jesus had when he expelled the money changers from the temple.

His disciples, Chuck and Dick have equally telling expressions: Chuck appears to be smirking; smirks are normally reserved for His Cokeness, but you can see that knowing look in his eyes which says, "Gotcha!" to the whining GOP'ers who were surprised and bitch slapped by the calling of the closed session (which never would have taken place if it weren't a surprise). Chuck is dying to let out a huge smile and perhaps an uproarious stream of laughter. Dick Durbin has a Soprano's type look in his eyes... kind of a "Go ahead and take another step closer, asshole," stare of authority.

Bill Frist was livid at first and he said that the Senate "has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership. They have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas."

Ah, but they have balls, Mr Frist. Get used to it and be prepared for a daily slapping. Mwahahahahaha.
Here's the link to the story, BTW

UPDATE 11:08AM: I found this Reuters picture of Frist and Sen John Kyle (R-Az) in the same spot in the capital. Note the pale, gaunt face of Frist (rhymes with Christ) and the pathetic finger pointing to thin air. Guess that bitch slapping took it's toll on him and the growth of spines on several Democrats sucked the color right out of his cheeks.

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