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Saturday, October 1

Mr. Billmon, I am shocked, shocked that you would compare David Koresh to Tom DeLay. The only thing they have in common is being in Texas and having excellent legal representation.

But it is a snarky comparison and it cute. Factually and patently ridiculous, but cute.

I have heard the 911 tapes of the Koresh incident. Have you? I didn't think so. I know of the man who answered the phone at the McLennan County sheriff's department when Koresh called and begged the sheriff's department to help stop the ATF/FBI shooting because of the children in the camp.

Have you met any of the survivors of the federal clusterfuck? I didn't think so. I have. I met them at a panel discussion where I shook Dick DeGuerin's hand. As a trial lawyer, he doesn't concern himself with how his client got into the government's crosshairs, he is concerned that the government act in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

Did you know that the federal government sat in the Hilton hotel in Waco and told everyone from reporters to cocktail waitresses what they had planned for Koresh? Did you know that it was a reporter that leaked the story to Koresh? Did you know that the local D.A. had an arrest warrant served on Koresh for attempted murder at the compound and not a single shot was fired? Why? Because the McLennan County sheriff did it right. I didn't think so.

What is wrong with liberal writers, and I am one, is that they are just as capable as being asses as conservative writers. What could DeLay possibly have in common with Koresh? What a childish, simplistic comment to make. It puts me in an awkward situation of having to appear to defend DeLay.

As for Kay Bailey "Breck Girl" Hutchison, Earl's prosecution team announced "ready" in open court and weren't. They fucked up. Case dismissed. The government cannot rewrite the rules of criminal procedure and expect to get a judge to rule in favor of the government no matter how much you hate the defendant.

If Ronnie Earl doesn't have the goods on DeLay, then I hope the U.S. Constitution and Dick DeGuerin prevail. Frankly, I hope DeGuerin kicks Earl's ass. And I hate Tom DeLay. If he is going down, we have to make damn sure the government doesn't walk all over DeLay. It disturbs me that DeLay, a cockroach crawling on the body politic is more important than justice to you or anyone else in this matter. Again, how conservative of you. Why you are sounding rather like Ken Starr and Bob Barr and Tom DeLay.

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