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Saturday, September 3

The Perfect Scam?

Was it what it looked like or were we witnesses to the perfect scam? Three things happened yesterday and they all fit together as perfectly and easily as a three year old child’s jigsaw puzzle.

According to what Sue was told by the Red Cross, the organization wasn’t allowed in NO all week. No one showed up and people were dropping to the flies and vermin. Then on Friday the troops rolled in via the National Guard, food and water was brought in, the part-time president flew in and the house passed a bill that would basically give FEMA money that is not earmarked for hurricane relief, but to do with as they see fit. And yes that is the same FEMA that couldn’t be more out of touch if it was hiding in an abandoned flooded out building on Bourbon Street.

The holy trinity of relief for the victims all arrived on the same day and within hours of one another. Crash! Boom! Bah!

The puzzle pieces came together so easily and so perfectly timed, you have to wonder how that happened and was it just luck or was it one more perfect scam by this administration?

Whatever it was, it resulted in some relief for the people who needed it so badly. They finally are being treated like citizens of the most powerful country in the world. Sadly it was too late for many. It was too late for the lady who had died in her wheelchair and had been pushed against the wall, out of the way. It was too late for the little two year old who was crushed by the crowd in the dome yesterday morning when they heard an explosion and thought the levee had given way. It was too late for a lot of people but it appeared perfectly timed for a couple of good photo ops for the part-time president of the United States. I would bet that the old lady and the two year old wish someone could have put that puzzle together a whole lot faster.

I don’t know if it was scam, but I do know it was shame. This has been the biggest shame in my country in my lifetime. Apparently the National Guard was instructed to guard the door until it was time. Who decided it was “time”, and why did it take so long?

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