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Saturday, September 3

Atheists Have Angels, Too.

Liz "BlondeSense" Smith... An Angry Old Broad... MJS... Al Hill... Archie Gordon... WNW... Pam... Annie... and so many more coming in now...

These are my angels. These are the people who've been sending their hard-earned money to allow me & Jake to purchase the bare minimum of goods for people stranded in the shelters here, just to help keep them alive and to allow them to still feel human, as opposed to herded animals, like the U.S. Army (and some out-of-state National Guard soldiers) has been treating them thus far.

New Orleans, as I've said, will always be my home, no matter where I lay my head. St. Bernard Projects, the 8th Ward, the 9th Ward, Irish Channel, Broadmoor... I've lived in all of those neighborhoods and more, and now have to watch them being destroyed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It's fucking sickening. And no, it's not surprising to see so many RIGHTFULLY PISSED-OFF PEOPLE on the news, including NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin, members of the NOLA City Council, and more.


There ARE still people trapped in the lower 9th Ward and other areas of New Orleans, because of the rumors of armed attacks upon Coast Guard copters and news media copters, and all of the ENDLESS TAPE LOOPS of fucking LOOTERS on Canal Street. Stop the bullshit now. Believe it or not, and most of the state of Louisiana refuses to see this: NOT EVERYBODY FROM ORLEANS PARISH, LOUISIANA IS A FUCKING *THUG* OR *LOOTER* OR WHATEVER RACIST-FEAR STEREOTYPE THAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.

Cut the shit. Period.

These are HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS. They deserve your compassion and your understanding as much as any lily-white motherfucker on the planet. Some of them are even WHITE, believe it or not.

Yes, people in THIS FUCKING STATE are turning away "refugees" from Orleans, St. Bernard, and elsewhere. How ya like THAT "christian charity"???

These motherfuckers need to GROW THE FUCK UP.

It's just fucking sickening. And the only thing keeping me from buying a gun and tracking down Dick Cheney, Dumbya, and Shoe-Whore Cuntasleeza Rice is knowing that we're actually accomplishing a small something HERE.

If anybody else is interested in getting in on this, if you're tired of waiting for the Red Cross to get off of their asses, here's the info:

PAYPAL: I have a PayPal account now. It will accept credit and debit cards. Use my e-mail address of and my name, Joanna Beattie. This money won't hit my bank account until Monday or Tuesday, but it will help us get into Orleans Parish by then.

WESTERN UNION: E-mail me with your info, how much you can send, what city you're sending it from, your full name, and a phone number as a reference, to the same e-mail address, and I will send you all of my relevant information, so that you can make sure that the money gets to the right place/person.

I didn't want to get into asking people for money, because it's a huge responsibility, to have e-friends trust you with their hard-earned money, without coming off as a fucking looter. But my angels have overwhelmed me with their generosity, their love, and their huge hearts. So this is how we're handling it now. We will keep slogging away at this as long as there is money to spend and people who need help. The truck is holding up, she's a real trooper, my boyfriend has turned into a fucking SAINT almost overnight, and I'm feeling every mile on my sagging old body, but we're gonna keep going until everybody gets helped, one way or another.


Andrea, one of my old friends from the Dragon's Den, and her new hubby, have been busting their asses this entire time (she lost her entire house in the Lower 9th Ward, as y'all have already seen), from their refuge in Waco, and they're now on their way through Austin and Houston, hauling about a ton of tools, food, goods, etc., behind their van, on their way back into Orleans by Monday, hopefully.

They are getting shit DONE. We can't get into Orleans yet, but since they still live there, THEY CAN. So while we try to take care of people in the shelters and Earl K. Long Hospital, they are going in to REBUILD NEW ORLEANS. Please get involved with their efforts --- these are good people who are working their exhausted asses off to try and save lives and keep this city alive.

Thus far, we have dropped off over $230 of supplies/toiletries/baby stuff at the shelter here, for ALL ORLEANS PARISH REFUGEES! And we're going to keep going as long as the money comes in.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my charred, scarred, blackened little lump of coal heart.

BlondeSense people is the coolest motherfuckers on the planet, and yes, that includes every other blog on the blogrolls, especially The Dark Wraith and Jesus' General and Rogue Planet!!!

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