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Monday, August 15

The Day of Living Rudely: Rude Pundit Show

God damn it was hot as hell in New York on Sunday. Muggy too.

Just as I was ready to leave the house, I realized that my wallet was missing. After checking with the bank to see if my ATM card was ravaged, and it wasn't so I didn't cancel it, I called the supermarket I went to yesterday and luckily they had my wallet with all the money still in it. whew. The next problem to counter was that my tickets for the 'Year of Living Rudely' never arrived and the customer service department for ticketweb is closed on weekends. Fortunately I got in with my confirmation email.

I left the island a bit later than I wanted to but I had to find the wallet first. Luckily there was little traffic and I got to the Bowery in a half hour. Billydoom and I decided to park my car in a lot across the street. We then started walking up the 96ยบ street looking for the "theater". A wind was blowing. The sky was dark. It was the restaurant supply district and every single place was closed. I have no idea what the signs on the stores said because they were all in Chinese. I was thirsty. No convenience stores were around. If you blinked, you missed the tiny sign that read, "Dixon Place". If there weren't people waiting outside, I surely would have missed it. We crossed the street and I saw the signs for the Fringe Festival. I asked a man if he was the Rude Pundit (He was the director) and he pointed to another man who was the Rude Pundit himself. We chatted and then he went inside to change into his jeans, shirt and socks for the performance. Why no shoes, Rude Pundit? The Rude One told me that the car with all his props was stolen. Bummer. I wanted to see the blow up dolls with the political asshole faces glued on. We waited outside until they let people in.

It began to thunder and lightning and then it rained cats and dogs. We moved under an awning with other people. The woman next to me was on the phone claiming that her car was just stolen in front of the theater. Hmmm. No wonder there were so many parking spaces on the street. I was just telling Billydoom that I should have parked on the street to save money. Suddenly I was glad I parked in the lot. My gawd, it became humid and steamy as we waited for the show.

Finally they let us in. The stairwell leading up to the "theater" was an inferno. But when we arrived upstairs it seemed nice and cool.... well for a few minutes until reality kicked in. It was hot as hell up there too. The Rude Pundit had the hostesses hand out fans, I mean programs that we used as fans. The theater was a little larger than my living room and the seats were various couches and odd chairs. We got a couch. Ah.

The show started with the song, "Proud to be an American". I knew this was going to be a doozie. The Rude Pundit spent the first act of the show explaining how Reagan fucked over our country in rude detail and how he was so excited when Reagan got shot and hoped he would die only to have to wait another 23 years for Reagan's demise (and the 8 days). The Rude One went on to the topic of the boy president, describing in detail how bushie must bang Laura who plays the part of Saddam when he ass rapes her. The Rude One also explained how the left must fight back- he wants us to rape all the Republicans. It's ok, you can use a strap on. We gotta stop being so nice, he said. The hilarity ensued when the Rude One attacked the most hateful group in America, the christian right and then acted out what John Kerry should have said at the debates and what John Edwards should have told Cheney to put up his ass.

Lee Pappa, a/k/a The Rude Pundit, who is also a BLONDE, is quite theatrical and dramatic -more than a standup comedian. His stage presence was evident of his theater and teaching background. I liked it. It was very much like the content of his blog posts. Anyone who reads the blog would not be disappointed and I imagine most of the audience were blog fans. The show was staged well- he moved around and kept our attention at all times. The acts were broken up with darkness and then another patriotic song played as the lights came back on and the Rude One went on to a different subject. Wonderful.

I was really glad I went to the show to spend time in the presence of one of the all time great bloggers and other like minded people- those of us who'd really like to see the neocons get it hard in the arse. God bless America. Wish you all could have been there.

When I arrived home, it seemed that the rain had missed my house once again. The dried up browness which was once my lawn looked pitiful. The highways were drenched though. As soon as I finished cooking on the grill, a very big storm arrived and we have been saturated with cool cool rain for the past several hours along nature's fireworks. Finally.

Billydoom, why don't you give your assessment of the show? You really liked it too.

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