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Thursday, July 14

The War Against Truth Rages On, but This Time There are Casualties

Joe Wilson said there’s no reason to believe that Iraq tried to buy yellow cake. Basically the government didn’t want us to know that, so they didn’t tell us. Joe was frustrated by them ignoring his report and continuing to lie, so he told us himself via an op-ed piece. The government was angry at him for doing that, so they tried to discredit him. Somewhere in this effort to discredit him they mentioned his wife to several journalists. Was their intent to out his wife or belittle his report by saying the white house didn’t send him; his trip was a result of his wife’s request? I don’t know, and right now I don’t know if anyone knows except the person(s) who made the calls to the reporters. Either way, Wilson’s wife was outed as a CIA agent. The biggest, most important part of all this is why didn’t our government tell the American people the truth? No matter who made the phone calls, why did they go to so much trouble in order to continue their lie to you and to me? They wanted this war so much that they worked like hell, took legal chances and lied so they could get America to support their desire. And now here we are in a very deadly war that no one seems to be able to determine how or when it might end. People in Iraq are dying and soldiers are dying while the white house continues to fight the release of the truth. It’s no longer, if the government lied; it’s how much longer are they going to be allowed to do it. While the bloody, deadly war rages on in Iraq, the war against truth rages on over here. Both could have been prevented. Lives could have been saved, money could have been saved, our reputation as a country could have been saved, if only those in the bush administration had been statesmen instead of liars. Someday we’ll know who they were, but they will know all their lives that they didn’t fight a war, they created one. They shielded the truth and sent Americans to fight and die. Good Lord, that is surely a most heinous crime! What kind of monsters could commit such an act? Possibly the same ones who tried to destroy a president who lied about his personal life.

Two presidents, two lies, but this time there are thousands of casualties.

Do They Have a Future?

I guess in Iraq you don’t ask a little kid what they want to be when they grow up. I guess it would be better to ask what do you want to be if you grow up?

From Juan Cole (Link):

Borzou Daragahi of LA Times “reports on the gruesome bombing in the poor Shiite "New Baghdad" district on Wednesday. US troops in the neighborhood attracted the interest of children. At first the soldiers tried to wave them away, but then gave in and handed out candy. Presumably Baath or fundamentalist intelligence already had the US convoy under surveillance, and they saw this moment as an ideal time to act. A bomb-laden SUV slammed into the scene, killing over 30 persons, mostly children, and at least one US soldier. It also left over 25 wounded. The dead were immediately taken to the Shiite holy city of Najaf for burial.”

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