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Monday, July 4

It’s Awfully Quiet Out There, Especially for The Fourth of July

We still can’t find Dick Cheney, and now Rove has gone quiet on us. George is packing and soon he’ll be outta the country, so who’s ruining, oops sorry, who’s running the country? I don’t know if Rove has gone underground like some sort of strange weasel or if he’s hiding behind the curtain, as usual. Maybe he’s brewing up bush’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Anyone who believes that bush’s decision for the nominee will be the right one for the country has not been reading the words nor seeing the big picture. Tell me one decision bush has made that has been positive for our country. One decision that has made the US a better place. Name it for me, please. We have this guy whom everyone is thinking about and wondering what decision he’ll make this time. As if… Folks, this is a man who, when given the choice of pouring gasoline or water on a wild fire, has chosen gasoline every single time. So why would we wonder which he’ll choose this time? I’m smelling smoke already.

Jeezz, I feel sorry for the pilots of small airplanes. They keep flying into bush’s no-fly zone halo. I mean how the hell are they supposed to know where bush is on any given day? Poor guys just up there in the air flying around like the big boys and next thing you know there’s a fighter jet on either side of your little plane. That’s gotta be a shock of a sighting, don’t ya think. I’m guessing fairly soon the whole damned country will be declared a no-fly zone. I guess it’s just a matter of time, all in the name of bush’s own homeland security.

I guess the social security road show has been grounded for a bit and the tea parties with foreign leaders is over. So what’s the wonder boy to do? Well, today he’s off to one of his closed door speeches. You know, the ones where only those who pinky swear to love, cherish, honor and obey him till death do they part, are allowed to attend. Then later this week he’s off to see the wizard at the G8. He has already made it clear that he isn’t going to play nice with his used to be best bud, Tony. That party seems to have ended sometime back even though only recently has it sort of been made public. Wonder if anyone will bring up the Downing Street oopsie-daisey deal? Maybe Tony allowed the “leak” of the memos after bush told him to talk to the hand regarding global warming. No quid for you Tony bro. * “Speaking on the eve of a 3-day meeting of the G-8 leaders in Gleneagles, Scotland, Bush said he did not view his relationship with Blair as “one of quid pro quo”.

I have it on pretty good authority from my dog, who wishes to remain anonymous, that bush will propose that all greenhouses be torn down to put an end to greenhouse gasses. Bush seems to have a real problem wrapping his mind around global warming. Either he doesn’t understand the concept or it flies directly into his biblical beliefs. Who the hell knows what he really thinks about anything. He’s kind of like a rattlesnake, you know he’s dangerous when pissed and everything seems to piss him off.

Science seems to be an idea whose time is yet to come for the boy. He reminds me of people who deny the incredible ability that comes with computers. They only deny it because they don’t understand how to use one. Same with bush, he denies the benefit of anything he doesn’t understand or anything that might put the spotlight on the fallacy of his theories. The spotlight shows the weaknesses, and weakness is verboten in this white house.

Well, here we are, just us. Dick appears to be AWOL. Rove has shut down his radio and the president of the United States is soon to be away on another mission that’s bound to result in absolutely nothing positive for our country. Wouldn’t you think someone would want to stand and lead the singing of The Star Spangled Banner here at home today, as we celebrate the Fourth of July in the United States of America? Well, screw them. It’s our country and we’ll sing without them. The song will probably sound so much sweeter without their voices and anyone who wishes to join in is welcome. Our doors are never closed and we’ll sing with those who love us and also with those who do not.

Happy Fourth of July, American!

*Quote source: MSNBC

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