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Thursday, June 2

Medal of Freedom, Anyone?

Did anyone else see Ben Bradlee on Ted Koppel tonight? Koppel asked Bradlee what he thought of Pat Buchanan's comments that Deep Throat Mark Felt was not ...

Bradlee didn't even allow Koppel to finish.

Bradlee said, why should I see Buchanan or Gordon Liddy practically fresh from prison talk about Mark Felt and morality.

Of course some idiotic reporter at FOX, where the "O" in FOX stands for ORWELL, asked war criminal and business consultant Henry Kissinger about Deep Throat and Kissinger said that he didn't consider Felt a hero. Well, that's fine Mr. Kissinger, I don't consider you anything other than an unindicted war criminal who is probably in the top ten reasons the U.S. doesn't join the World Court. It would be really rough on Mr. Kissinger to go to prison for Cambodia. Too bad, asshole.

Bradlee also said that Felt couldn't have gone to the number one man at the FBI, where the "I" in FBI certainly doesn't stand for INTEGRITY, because L. Patrick Grey, then acting director because J. Edgar Hoover was dead--people went to that funeral to make sure the son of a bitch was dead-- was throwing documents into the Potomac. Felt couldn't go to Attorney General John Mitchell--who is worse? Mitchell or Gonzalez? Because Mitchell helped plan Watergate with Liddy in his office at the Justice Department. The same office where Bobby Kennedy used to hang his kids crayon drawings and eat his sack lunch.

(Wouldn't you just love to sit in my government classes for this lecture on the Constitutional crisis of Watergate? It is a barn burner.)

Enough of who Deep Throat is or what he did. Get on your knees and thank Gawd for him and Daniel Ellsberg. Medal of Freedom anyone? More about how Watergate is more and more like, Jesus, what do you call the Bush administration's scandals?

Yellow Cakegate?
My Pet Goatgate?
Electiongate? Part I and Part II?
Mission Accomplishedgate?
The president looked stoned on the night we went to war against Iraqgate?

Please, don't leave me here with this exercise alone. Contribute, friends!

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