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Monday, June 13

Don’t You Dare Shut Up

Lies, we have heard so many for so long that we doubt everything. How could we not? We doubted the war before it began because we listened to the weapons inspectors reports. They had found nothing. We cried and cringed that awful afternoon when America proudly displayed the infernal circus billed as “Shock and Awe”, the big televised killing and bombing display. It played in the center ring and there were no clowns. Stop and remember what went through your body and soul that day. Remember how you felt that you were losing your mind because the grief and repulsion were so overwhelming? Did you look at your TV and scream, “Please god, make it stop?” We cried because no matter what they told us, we knew people were being killed, and the last thing those people knew was that America the beautiful had attacked their country. The liberators had arrived and there was no time to go to the garden to pluck flowers to offer the men flying the planes that dropped the bombs. Just no time to welcome them with flowers and sweets because they were either picking up the pieces of their loved ones or they themselves were gasping their last breath. The only thing about that day that wasn’t a lie was the deaths.

Time went on and more died. Meanwhile, Americans flew their little flags on the windows of their automobiles. We were the mighty victors, because bush said so. Another lie was born on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, as bush proclaimed “Mission Accomplished”. Later we found that to be a lie, or so we thought. Maybe a mission had been accomplished. Maybe the mission was that he had started a war in Iraq. Perhaps this was one lie he didn’t tell us. Maybe we were thinking about the wrong mission, because it sure was a wrong mission.

Today the lies fly out so quickly that we have lost count. Lies begat lies and now they are like so many locusts. Just like locusts they are destroying everything in their path. While we have been fighting with the lies, we have lost so much. We have lost our reputation and our pride. That, along with all the Iraqi and American deaths, is the most tragic part of this war. Someone says they are “Proud to be an American” and you wonder, what part of what America is doing today makes you proud? Which lie are you yet believing? Do you doubt people have been killed in your name? Whether you supported or opposed this war, your money buys the bullets and bombs that are killing innocent Iraqi citizens.

Even today lies are being born and moving around the world. Doubt everything you hear about this war from the president and all his women and men. Doubt every number and every adjective. You have to, because when you know someone has lied to you so many, many times, you would be wise to question everything they do and say. It’s not un-American to question. It’s un-American not to question. If we want to regain our pride and our honor we have to keep asking questions and keep fighting the lies. The most un-American thing we could do, the most tragic thing we could do, the most awful thing we could do, is to shut up. If we shut up now, the liars will win and they’ve won too much already. Being a real American, a true American, means never shutting up and always shining the light on the lies. So keep making noise, lots of noise, and don’t you dare shut up! We have a debt to our dead soldiers and all the people who never had the opportunity to pick the flowers.

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