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Monday, April 11

UN Milk Debate Today

John "Got Milk" Bolton, the controversial bush nominee for America's ambassador to the UN is back in the news because it is alleged that the Democratic senators are going to vote against him after they grill him this morning. I would like to see that. It seems that the Dems just bully bush nominees and then vote for them anyway.

They say he's gruff. They say Bolton has not been an effective arms negotiator and speaks to people in a condescending, inflammatory way. Bolton helped lead U.S. opposition to the International Criminal Court and the United States' eventual withdrawal from the treaty creating the court. His opponents have accused him of claiming without evidence that Syria and Cuba were trying to develop biological weapons.

Bolton has said there is "no such thing as the United Nations," and asserted that the United States is the only real authority the world has. He has also questioned whether the organization undertakes too many peacekeeping missions.

Senators like Frothy Mix Santorum had words of praise for Bolton, saying he had an "exemplary record."

Among those accusing Mr Bolton is Carl Ford, a former chief at the department's bureau of intelligence. He is expected to tell the committee that Mr Bolton distorted intelligence gathered on Iraq's weapons programmes and other matters to make it fit the administration's goals.

I'll wager that this guy gets the gig anyway.

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