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Wednesday, April 13

This will probably just piss you off

But it's a good article about dominionists... those fine christian folks who have decided that they should have dominion over the planet and fuck it up any old darn way they please because after all, they believe Jesus is going to come and rapture them and to hell with the rest of us. "The Crusaders Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image" By BOB MOSER In Rolling Stone. It's scary stuff. The worst part is that these folks, and I use the term "folks" loosely, have made such inroads into the government. My question however is why haven't mainstream religion leaders called these knuckleheads out? Where are they? Not that I am defending religion, but at least mainstream religion leaders could put a bit of a squash on the nuts. Oh wait. Even if the mainstreamers did come out, the media wouldn't give them the time of day, would they? Nevermind. Mainstream media did a great job of covering a dead Pope and saying stuff about Catholic teaching that wasn't necessarily true. No one said boo. Great job~

I had a mini revelation this morning while watching CSpan. There was an all black gospel choir singing a liberation christian song... I forget which one and that's not the point. But I thought about how black Christians used the bible and the Lord to free themselves from bondage and rise above oppression in a spiritual way. Hispanic Christians do too. Then I thought about how white people traditionally use the bible to oppress others, not to mention themselves, and turn it into a giant guilt fest, a finger pointing fest and a general circus.

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