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Saturday, October 9

Wanna buy some wood?

Bush Does In Fact Own Part of a Timber Company.

Blinking bush behaved himself much better last night than I expected... well that is until he flipped out and insisted that he have rebuttal time even though Charlie Gibson was giving him rebuttal time. His handlers probably gave him an extra electric shock after that performance. Some Americans like that bullyish tough guy persona. They really shouldn't be allowed to vote. They need prozak first.

Our national apologies go to Canada. We had no idea that the drugs we manufacture and bottle in the U.S. that are exported to Canada might be unsafe if they are imported back into the U.S. I was unaware that our drugs are making Canadians sicker. Kerry pointed out that in 2000 bush said that importing drugs from Canada made sense. Maybe they are sending Canadians the 'seconds'. Nah, that was before bush learned about lobbyists.

Bubble Boy still can't name a single mistake he made. He is only going to appoint judges who oppose slavery. He is funding stem cell research but says it destroys a life? And chopping down trees makes air and water cleaner?

"If Missouri were a nation, it'd be the third largest country in our coalition." Now that was good.

Transcript here for anyone who needs it.

Last night John Kerry, The Yankees and the Red Sox won. I was pleased.

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