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Sunday, October 10

Boycott Sinclair Cable

If you live in an area that gets Sinclair Cable, then you must call them immediately and cancel your cable television as the only way to make these scounrels think is by hitting them in their pocketbooks. Sinclair serves 1/4 of US cable tv viewers. Read Anti-Kerry film slated to air on eve of election. Michael Moore was told he couldn't even advertise Fahrenheit 9/11 close to the election. Honestly, I think everyone who demands democracy in this country should call their cable provider and cancel their cable tv in protest. God help me, the only way to stop these media monopolies dead in their tracks is to hit them in their pocketbooks.

UPDATE: There is a Boycott Sinclair Advertisers Blog out there already! Woo hoo! Let's get involved now and spread this around.

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